1927 World Series Game 3 Ticket Stub

The 1927 World Series was played—not to declare baseball's ultimate champions (that had already been determined)—but because the National Pastime's tradition so mandated. We might say that the October event of '27 merely re-asserted the invincibility of the Yankees - emphatically. It turned out to be a four-game sweep, as we all know. Offered here is a surviving ticket from Game 3 of that series, which was won by the Yankees 8-1 due in part to a 3-run homer by Babe Ruth in the 7th inning (career W.S. Homerun #9 for the Babe). The ticket is in overall good condition with some rounding on the corners and some paper loss on the reverse along the right and bottom borders. There are no pronounced creases or blemishes and this ticket has great eye appeal This item comes encased in a PSA holder for protection and unquestioned authenticity

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